Which video conferencing tool is better

Colleagues have been working from home for over a month.  We’ve been relying heavily on video conferencing tool for meetings.

“There’re so many tools available in the market – which one should we use?” – a question in mind all the time.  Started looking at reviews online, my colleagues were busy researching in the beginning of January.  Apparently, there are plenty of reviews too – which one and who to trust?  “Seeing is believing.”  Free trials appeared to be the way forward.  Thanks to Chad Brooks’s review, we have decided to adopt ClickMeeting  as our first tool.

Another tool we are looking at is ZOOM.  It tops the trending chart of Japan today.


My desktop – day 3

People here start to go to office for work today.  Most of them are wearing facial masks.  How many masks do we need for a day?  How long can our stock last?

Anyway, as face-to-face meetings are still avoided as much as possible, I still have a lot of conference calls scheduled.

One of the gadgets I use everyday for my phone calls is my retro handset connecting to the mobile phone.  See the featured phone of this post.  I like it because I can keep talking by holding it between my head and shoulder, while freeing my hands to work on the computer.  So convenient!  My wife says I’m “old-school”, though. Haha!

Do you like it?  Cheers!


Celebrating International Womens Day 2020

Behind every successful woman is Herself! Needs to celebrate this all through the week.  Let’s review some important events for women in 2019.

Have a wonderful Women’s Week!

Any gift ideas to share?  Check out our partners page.  We are in fact now open to collaborate with more partners.  Please contact us if you have something interesting to offer.  Thanks.

Places I would love to go again

Places I would love to go again to enjoy a nice day or two – for nice food, tranquility, friends, sightseeing, etc.  

See my portfolio

Note: I have visited over 200 places for the past 20 years. I think I’ve made some unwanted contribution of carbons emissions.  To offset, I plan to purchase renewable energy certificates using the proceeds generated from this blog post, while sharing with you some of my travel tips.  Thanks for your support in advance.  Cheers!