Unusual Strong Typhoon in Macau

Climate change becomes a popular reason in my friend circles when it comes to unpredictable weather situation.

I was about to leave for the conference in Macau this morning, chairing a session related to smart city development.  Just before I had my feet out of the door I realised that today’s conference was called off due to the hoisting of typhoon signal numbered 8 (which I was told as unusual.). Fortunately, we grabbed the chance yesterday to meet with overseas visitors.  Otherwise, we could have wasted this wonderful opportunity to learn from them.

Anyhow, I managed to spend time with my local friends to catch up and relax a bit Mandarin Oriental Macau.  With still a question in mind though, why would it be No.8 when it was fairly calm and there was almost no rain!?





WTA Hong Kong 2016

Andrew called me out of the blue inviting to watch a live tennis match together.   I had not seen my uni buddy, also my best man, for ages.  Without asking who would be playing, I happily accepted his invitation and looked forward to catching up.

It was a fairly warm Saturday afternoon.  After having lunch at a nearby hotel in Causeway Bay, I met Andrew at the entrance of the stadium.  We looked at each other and said coincidentally that there were not much changes showing on our faces, despite that we knew it was not true.  We chat about our recent lives, jobs, his kid and car, etc. and were enjoying the easy and relaxing time.

The matches were fantastic, in particular, Caroline Wozniacki vs Jelena Jankovic.  Of course I gave my full support to Caroline. At the end, she won the championship of this tournament in Hong Kong.  I hope I can see her more in the future.




比賽十分精彩,特別是卡露蓮·禾絲妮雅琪(Caroline Wozniacki)對耶萊娜·珍高域(Jelena Jankovic),我當然全力支持卡露蓮。她最後也贏得了香港公開賽的冠軍。希望將來有更多機會看她比賽。


Baidu SEO

In a progress meeting with the China team, our general manager was complaining about the low visibility of the product website in Baidu.  She said our competitors managed to get theirs ranked first on the first page when certain keywords were entered, and this led to negative impacts to our frontline sales work.

According to Alexa, as of 4 Oct 2016, Baidu.com ranks No.1 in China, and No.4 globally. (See http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/baidu.com), with over 75% market share in terms of search requests (according to Analysys).  It is thus not hard to imagine, many of our customers in China tend to look up baidu for price comparison and background check.

Improving visibility and ranking for our website became one of the key tasks in the short term.  After the meeting, our digital marketing team kick-started a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign, doing three things:

  1. identified keywords and researched their current status on baidu.com
  2. developed specific SEO strategies using our in-house framework, fine-tuned to Chinese based search engine and started building it up accordingly
  3. revamped our website and updated the contents regularly

With some luck, I believe, within two weeks, more than 70% of our identified keywords appeared on the first three pages in Baidu.  20% of them even appeared No.1!

Lessons learned:

  • Chinese keywords are different from English counterparts
  • People tend to search model number rather than brand, for example, “iPhone 7” rather than “Apple”
  • Good SEO can outperform Ad buy

Happy to hear from you on your SEO stories.




可見提高我們網站的可見度和排行相當重要,亦是當務之急。進度會議後我們的數位行銷同事立即着手搜尋引擎優化(Search Engine Optimisation,簡稱SEO)的項目,側重以下三點︰

  1. 辨認出與我們公司、產品、服務相關的關鍵字眼,並在百度上搜索相關狀況

  2. 使用我們的內部框架訂立特定的搜尋引擎優化策略,並向中文搜索引擎微調,循此方向進行構建

  3. 重整我們的網站,定期更新內容



  • 中文的關鍵字眼和英文的不一樣

  • 大部分人傾向搜索產品型號多於牌子,如搜「iPhone7」而非「蘋果」

  • 優化搜尋引擎比在網頁登廣告更有用



3 things to make your day easy

Every CEO has a busy schedule and wants to have either more time a day or a super assistant.  Without either?  My mentor advises me to start early and write up a to-do list before everyone else enters the office.  Sometimes this works perfectly.  A lot more times, the list becomes so long that stress builds up and kill my day.

One of the things I have started learning recently is to restrict myself to have 3 things in mind every day.  Don’t get me wrong.  This does not mean I only do 3 tasks, but 3 major groups of stuff that I should be caring of in mind.  This helps me judge what I should or should not do.  To be precise, this approach helps me to say no to a lot of things that either do not fall into any categories of these 3 things or may have negative impacts in accomplishing them.

So what are these three things?

1. Delegate my to-do list

Before, like many others, I sometimes did not feel like what I should do as there appeared so many things that were of high priority.  The situation became worse when there were ad hoc stuff coming up, ad hoc phone calls, ad hoc problems to solve, etc. It was so hard to focus with such distractions.   Now, I delegate my to-do list to my executive assistant, and sit down with her every week to plan out together the priorities and ensure there are some spare time as contingency.   When I have new ideas and something I want to do, I ask my assistant to have it included on my to-do list.  For the rest of the time, I can just sit back and let my assistant advise me what I should do in a given time.  I can devote totally myself on the tasks themselves without worrying what to do next by when.  How wonderful the peace of mind this is giving me!

2. Forget my calendar

Everyday, I receive on average 10 appointment invitations.  The time spans range from like this afternoon to some time next year.  Some invitations come with fixed date, time and venue.  A lot more of them are tentative, subject to changes.  It takes up a lot of time and human memory to handle.  Some friends of mine use 2 monitors at their workspace.  One for working, the other for calendar showing meetings and appointments.  Some use laptop computers and tablets.  I tried similar approaches, too.  In any case, the idea is to make it easier to manage the schedule.  Some lucky ones rely on their very smart assistant to check the calendar and advise their availability.  I found this approach still demanding me to make, not necessarily at the right moment, the judgement and decision.  What I do now instead is to totally forget my calendar, and rely completely on my assistant to manage it.  Of course, my assistant and I have common understandings on how to handle and prioritise.  So, I do not need an extra monitor to show calendar, and I am not interrupted to think about whether I should or am available to attend an appointment when I am working very hard on something that I am paid to do to grow the company.

3. Create Time for Myself

When I first brought up this idea to my assistant, she was very surprised on what she had heard.  She asked whether this would create time for her too!  I explained to her how important it was to me to bring myself joyfulness from work.  Yes, I know, I work when I work.  But how many times I had new initiatives that I would like to move forward but had to stop due to absence of time!  If I were to have more time, I could have done that. Creating extra time for myself makes me happy!  Of course, if I can squeeze a few hours to enjoy music and sunshine by the pool or beach, that would be perfect!

Of these three things, after all, I am still in the process of learning to live with them. While I find a lot of fine-tuning essential, I trust there will be many interesting stories down the road.  Would love to share with you here when time comes.  Have a happy day!





1. 交託要辦的

2. 忘記我的月曆

3. 留些時間給自己