WTA Hong Kong 2016

Andrew called me out of the blue inviting to watch a live tennis match together.   I had not seen my uni buddy, also my best man, for ages.  Without asking who would be playing, I happily accepted his invitation and looked forward to catching up.

It was a fairly warm Saturday afternoon.  After having lunch at a nearby hotel in Causeway Bay, I met Andrew at the entrance of the stadium.  We looked at each other and said coincidentally that there were not much changes showing on our faces, despite that we knew it was not true.  We chat about our recent lives, jobs, his kid and car, etc. and were enjoying the easy and relaxing time.

The matches were fantastic, in particular, Caroline Wozniacki vs Jelena Jankovic.  Of course I gave my full support to Caroline. At the end, she won the championship of this tournament in Hong Kong.  I hope I can see her more in the future.




比賽十分精彩,特別是卡露蓮·禾絲妮雅琪(Caroline Wozniacki)對耶萊娜·珍高域(Jelena Jankovic),我當然全力支持卡露蓮。她最後也贏得了香港公開賽的冠軍。希望將來有更多機會看她比賽。


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