Red-eye Flight

I attended an international conference in Tokyo last week. Though it was not a planned trip, I decided to pay the visit to meet old friends and make new ones. I thought it might be a good opportunity to get an update on how different parts of the world had been developing their cities to make them smarter.

Traditionally, November is a busy month to me, for her approaching the year end. To be able to attend, I had to take the midnight flight so as to save time and costs. The flight was about 4 hours from Hong Kong to Tokyo, which was a bit embarrassing – it was not short, yet not long enough for a nice sleep. I ended up finishing the Ghostbusters 2016 movie while having a few incomplete naps. The reward was the very beautiful sunrise (see the above photo).

Upon arrival to the hotel, I was provided with access to the gym and pool. I was so tired though that I went to sleep right away. No wonder my mentors always remind me not to take a red-eye flight, where possibly, as that does not save much of the effective, productive time.

While feeling a bit exhausted, I managed to make the conference on time, and had made a lot of very interesting new friends from US, EU, Latin America, India, Middle East and Asia. Will I still take the red-eye flight? Maybe when situation comes.







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