Enthusiastic about EU Action Plan for Nature, People and the Economy

I am excited about the Action Plan for nature, people and the economy published on 27 April by the European Commission.

This comprehensive action plan aims to improve implementation of the Nature Directives in order to reach the EU’s goal for 2020 of halting and reversing the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The action plan covers four priority areas with 15 concrete actions. Actions will be launched in 2017.

The overarching concern of the action plan is to strengthen the Nature Directives’ coherence with socio-economic objectives and engagement with national, regional and local authorities, stakeholders and citizens. It stresses a participatory approach towards nature conservation, highlighting dialogue and understanding, communication and outreach, between Member States, the stakeholders and the public.

I look forward to the presentation of EU Action Plan on 6th June in Brussels. For more information, please refer to here.


歐盟委員會於四月二十七日通過《自然、人類和經濟行動計劃》(EU Action Plan for Nature, People and Economy),推動社會各界參與生態保育,實在讓人鼓舞。

這個全面的行動計劃用以加強推行《自然指令》(Nature Directives),旨於保護生態多樣性,幫助歐盟達成在二零二零年前扭轉生態物種消失和停止自然生態破壞的目標。《自然、人類和經濟行動計劃》在二零一七年推行,涵蓋四個主要方面和十五個具體行動。



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