The Art of Choosing a Gift

Before each business trip, I plan out the meetings and prepare for them with the support of my very nice colleagues. One of the biggest challenges is to select an appropriate gift for the host.

This is something I have to learn from my friends in Japan. They always come up with nice gift ideas with nice packages, among which I like most is this:


A delicately packed Japanese sweets box from “嘉ぎ”, which is located inside the Nakanoshima Festival Tower, opposite to Conrad Osaka. There are 6 Japanese flavours of the 嘉ぎ biscuits, namely matcha, roasted green tea, soy sauce, ginger, sake and roasted soybean. The sweets taste delicious and the Japanese style reminds me of my friends. That’s what makes it a good present: something that brings back the people and memories.




「嘉ぎ」位於大阪康萊德酒店對面的中之島慶典塔(Nakanoshima Festival Tower)內,一盒糖果共有抹茶、焙茶、醬油、生薑、清酒和黄豆粉六種味道,特別好吃,而且都是日本獨有的風味,總讓我想起我的日本朋友。一份好的禮物大概如此,能讓人回憶起送禮的人和事。

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