The 1st Global Open Government Week

Source: OpenGov Week

We are already in the middle of the Open Government week held from May 7 to May 11, which is the first global event of its kind. For 5 days around the world governments, public and private sectors gather to exchange ideas and inspirations to work toward open governments. An open government is a highly transparent one where its citizens enjoy a high level of participation in the government matters, made easy by an easy open access to government data and information.

From 8 governments participating in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in 2011 to more than 90 governments committed to OGP this year, and the launch of the first global Open Government Week today, we’ve seen a lot of progress and may anticipate more possibilities brought by an open government. You can find out an event nearby or join an open dialogue online:


全球首個開放政府周在五月七日到十二日舉行,在連續五天的活動中全球不同地方的政府、公營和私營機構就着開放政府的議題一起交流,互相啟發,以促進開放政府 — 一個具極高透明度的政府,透過開放數據和資訊讓市民可以積極參與在政府事務、決擇中。

為推動各國開放政府管治和公民參與,開放政府夥伴聯盟( Open Government Partnership,縮寫OGP)在2011年成立,當時只有8個政府參與,時至今日已有90個會員國踴躍響應,今周更舉辦全球首個開放政府周,可見各國都在積極促進開放政府進程。開放政府不但意味着更好的城市資源和決策管理,更能為市民和各行業帶來不同好處和可能性,任何人也可參與其中,你可在以下網址尋找你附近的相關活動,或參與網上討論︰這裹

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