How to charge a smartphone to optimise the battery life

I’ve been wondering why my iPhone battery drains so fast as It dies on me quite often. My friend said it had to do with my incorrect charging patterns. My friend said I should charge my phone when the battery’s about 20% rather than when it’s almost empty or rather full at 80 or 90%. And a battery needs to be fully charged to 100%. This sounds plausible and may be the common practice of most people. But a little research on the Internet just revealed that most of us, or at least my friend and I, do charge our phones wrong.

According to several websites, charging a phone from a low battery level (under 20%) to 100% in one go is one of the practices that shorten the battery lifespan because “a high voltage stresses the battery”. It turns out that charging a phone battery several times throughout the day from around 30~50% to 80% is most desirable. That means several short charging sessions a day rather than a long heavy one optimises the battery performance. So should I start charging my phone bit by bit whenever I can? Let me try and see how it goes.




One thought on “How to charge a smartphone to optimise the battery life

  1. Batteries have a short life – 2 years max – no matter how you use it. Just replace it or buy a new phone. The iphone is designed to last only for 2 years.


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