One Night in Paris, France

Because of work, I dropped by Paris, the beloved city. I took a direct flight from Hong Kong and managed to fall asleep over the 13-hour flight. I landed at Charles De Gaulle Airport and from there, it took around an hour to arrive right at the city centre.

Paris has been talked and written about over and over again. There are numerous reasons why Paris has enchanted everyone; its beauty is beyond words. I was glad I made it at this time of the year when the city was at its most charming. While it was riveting in the day time, it was just as mesmerising at night. My favourite part of the stay was the night walk from the Opéra Garnier to the Louvre Pyramid.

Paris at night was full of life, especially in the area around the Opéra Garnier, one of the busiest parts of the city. The landmark of the place was the Opéra, one of the most renowned opera houses worldwide. When illuminated, it was of a different kind of spectacle at night than the day time. Just around the corner was the luxurious Galeries Lafayette, a fashion flagship store anyone fond of shopping shouldn’t miss. Around the giant landmarks were many pretty nice restaurants and shops in the classical architectural style. After dinner, I chose to walk a bit around and then down the avenue to the Louvre Pyramid. The Pyramid was grand and awe-inspiring when illuminated against the surrounding palaces. It was such an unforgettable night.

This time I stayed at Intercontinental Paris Le Grand.

Thanks for the bottle of Champagne!


因為工作的關係到了巴黎,乘搭從香港直飛巴黎的航班,大概十三小時就到了戴高樂機場(Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle),從機場再搭火車約一小時便到市中心,十分方便。

這次雖然時間匆忙,不能飽覽巴黎的美景,但這時節的巴黎特別美麗,到處風光如畫已是一大收穫。我特別喜歡它夜晚的街景,尤其是從巴黎歌劇院(Opéra Garnier)步行至羅浮宮金字塔(Louvre Pyramid)的一段路,和陽光普照的時候一樣迷人,難怪巴黎一直為人稱道,大概巴黎對每個人而言都有其不同之處。




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