What are the best fields for the next 20 years

Looking back my career, I switched roughly every 20 years.

Of course, my first 20 years were studying and learning how to grow up.

My second 20 years – one day, I got a crazy idea… I wanted to do something that would relate to contribute to make our earth healthy. The very next day then I quit my job with a Fortune 100 company, told my girl friend about it and more excitedly shared her with my new plan. She looked into my eyes and screamed, “Are you crazy?!” What a moment!

My third 20 years… well, I am just at the beginning, haha. I switched to deep tech and computing. I envisioned almost everything around our daily life would be automated in the near future.

Am I heading the right direction?

This seems to be in line with what a Feng Shui master has told me about the industries that are good during the next 20 years.  See list here.

From this perspective, it seems my latest pivot is on the right track. Let’s wait and see.

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