Why we love Canva so much for graphic design and creating lovely images for Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube for our online marketing campaigns

Photo by Michael Burrows on Pexels.com

Since we entered the pandemics era last year, we started using a lot more social media for marketing offerings and engaging stakeholders. To attract the attention of our target audience on social media, we need to create appealing messages and visuals. While myself is not a professional designer, I rely very much on graphic design tools that make my job easier. Canva is one of my favourites, and so is my team’s.

You can find out more what Canva can offer from here.

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Hybrid Seminar held both Physical and Virtual – the Hybrinar

As the covid situation improves, social distancing becomes less stringent. Most of the business meetings and seminars I’ve attended recently run in hybrid mode, i.e., partly physical, partly virtual. Be it an annual general meeting, board meeting, conferences, participants are welcome to join in-person physically or via a webinar platform such as clickmeeting – still my favourite.

I call this type of hybrid meeting as “Hybrinar.” I tried to search in google to see if there were anyone like me calling it the same. I seem to be the first one inventing this term and have thus registered a domain name “Hybrinar.com” to celebrate the invention. Any ideas on how this domain name can be used? Feel free to leave me comments. Thanks.

New addition to our Mo Mo family

Time flies – it has been 15 years since the first Swarovski’s beloved Mo character series came out. Of course as a fan and collector, my wife would not miss it.

“Showcasing 163 crystal facets, this enchanting figurine is covered with more than 750 tiny crystals, featuring the Aurora Borealis effect for a vivid and sparkling look. The crown and bell with a silver-tone finish complete this unique Mo design. This Swarovski figurine is engraved with the year of issue on the bottom and complements any Mo collection. “

My desktop – day 4

The temperature came down to below 20 degree Celsius this morning with an overcast sky. Nothing too exciting seeing through the window.

It is always good to start a day with something interesting to keep up with the energy level and momentum. I thus decided to look at my favorite market, Japan, to begin with as part of the exercise to review our business portfolio as mentioned in my earlier post.

I selected to look at solar and renewable energy sectors, and studied a bit their market outlook in 2020 in Japan. Wind power looks good – it is “sunshine”. Solar battery appears to be not too good – it is an “overcast”. So is geothermal energy, also an “overcast”.

How can I capitalize on what we have and pivot to the wind power sector? Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.