Why we love Canva so much for graphic design and creating lovely images for Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube for our online marketing campaigns

Photo by Michael Burrows on Pexels.com

Since we entered the pandemics era last year, we started using a lot more social media for marketing offerings and engaging stakeholders. To attract the attention of our target audience on social media, we need to create appealing messages and visuals. While myself is not a professional designer, I rely very much on graphic design tools that make my job easier. Canva is one of my favourites, and so is my team’s.

You can find out more what Canva can offer from here.

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Hybrid Seminar held both Physical and Virtual – the Hybrinar

As the covid situation improves, social distancing becomes less stringent. Most of the business meetings and seminars I’ve attended recently run in hybrid mode, i.e., partly physical, partly virtual. Be it an annual general meeting, board meeting, conferences, participants are welcome to join in-person physically or via a webinar platform such as clickmeeting – still my favourite.

I call this type of hybrid meeting as “Hybrinar.” I tried to search in google to see if there were anyone like me calling it the same. I seem to be the first one inventing this term and have thus registered a domain name “Hybrinar.com” to celebrate the invention. Any ideas on how this domain name can be used? Feel free to leave me comments. Thanks.

Which video conferencing tool is better

Colleagues have been working from home for over a month.  We’ve been relying heavily on video conferencing tool for meetings.

“There’re so many tools available in the market – which one should we use?” – a question in mind all the time.  Started looking at reviews online, my colleagues were busy researching in the beginning of January.  Apparently, there are plenty of reviews too – which one and who to trust?  “Seeing is believing.”  Free trials appeared to be the way forward.  Thanks to Chad Brooks’s review, we have decided to adopt ClickMeeting  as our first tool.

Another tool we are looking at is ZOOM.  It tops the trending chart of Japan today.


Our Partners – Business Continuity

This post takes stock of our active partners in business continuity and productivity.

Trello – an online tool for collaboration and project management

ClickMeeting Free Trial – No Credit Card Required

Managed VPS Platform. Phone Support. Prices starting at $6.00 per month

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