My desktop – day 4

The temperature came down to below 20 degree Celsius this morning with an overcast sky. Nothing too exciting seeing through the window.

It is always good to start a day with something interesting to keep up with the energy level and momentum. I thus decided to look at my favorite market, Japan, to begin with as part of the exercise to review our business portfolio as mentioned in my earlier post.

I selected to look at solar and renewable energy sectors, and studied a bit their market outlook in 2020 in Japan. Wind power looks good – it is “sunshine”. Solar battery appears to be not too good – it is an “overcast”. So is geothermal energy, also an “overcast”.

How can I capitalize on what we have and pivot to the wind power sector? Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

My desktop – day 3

People here start to go to office for work today.  Most of them are wearing facial masks.  How many masks do we need for a day?  How long can our stock last?

Anyway, as face-to-face meetings are still avoided as much as possible, I still have a lot of conference calls scheduled.

One of the gadgets I use everyday for my phone calls is my retro handset connecting to the mobile phone.  See the featured phone of this post.  I like it because I can keep talking by holding it between my head and shoulder, while freeing my hands to work on the computer.  So convenient!  My wife says I’m “old-school”, though. Haha!

Do you like it?  Cheers!


My desktop – day 2

What a lovely Sunday! Blue sky, sunshine, wind breeze – I could only enjoy at the balcony of my home, without wearing a mask.

Having been working from home for almost 2 months, the plan for Q1 was not executed in full as scheduled. It is high time to come up with a revised, realistic plan, if we are still keen to meet the annual targets. The challenges remain though with the uncertainly of how long the impacts of the virus outbreak is going to last. Who knows, anyway!?

Of course, I don’t have a crystal ball. But I do have a compass of Chinese astrology, though. Surprise? Staring at the luopan left on my desktop, I went into a deep thinking, recalling a conversation with a Feng Shui master not too long ago.  He mentioned about our entering into the so-called “9th Era” (Year 2024-2043) in the 180-year cycle. “What is the next big thing for the next 20 years, I asked.  The Feng Shui master replied, “Our time will be migrating from the “Era of Land” to the “Era of Fire”.  According to the five-element philosophy, we shall keep an eye on the sectors that can potentially be benefited from fire.”  Below are sectors he mentioned:

  • electronics,
  • high-tech, networks, information and communication,
  • medicine,
  • oil extraction,
  • electricity, natural gas,
  • chemistry,
  • solar energy,
  • psychology,
  • heart and eye technology

Are you involved in any of these industries?  I think it may be time for me to downsize some of the businesses that are not on the list, and, develop those which are?