Places I would love to go again

Places I would love to go again to enjoy a nice day or two – for nice food, tranquility, friends, sightseeing, etc.  

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Note: I have visited over 200 places for the past 20 years. I think I’ve made some unwanted contribution of carbons emissions.  To offset, I plan to purchase renewable energy certificates using the proceeds generated from this blog post, while sharing with you some of my travel tips.  Thanks for your support in advance.  Cheers!

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Cathay Pacific CX offering club points relief for Diamond, Gold, Silver and Green Members

While I was thinking if CX would extend the 12-month period for my Diamond membership renewal due to the virus outbreak, I received an email from them offering club points relief and extending elite club member benefits.

According to their letters, CX members shall get club points relief per month in February, March and April 2020, based on their current tier:

  • Diamond 140 club points (total 420 club points for 3 months)
  • Gold 65 club points (total 195 club points for 3 months)
  • Silver 30 club points (total 90 club points for 3 months)
  • Green 10 club points (total 30 club points for 3 months)

For me, it is good news as I will then have in my account about 1,000 points by the end of April, and be only 200 points away from membership renewal.  However, there are at present so many travel bans and flight cancellations around the world, I am not sure if I will be able to make those 200 points in time.

See how it goes.  Hope things go well for all of us!


The “Macaron” that has been longing for at Hong Kong airport

My wife and I were attracted to visit the CX lounge at the HK airport after watching some nice introductory footages on YouTube about their very nice macarons.

However, we found that macarons were not available during our several visits over the past 2 months. Neither the CX lounge near Gate 2, nor the one near Gate 63, could we find a trace of them.

Finally, we found them here today and tried four flavours. They were actually quite good – not too sweet, and the texture and softness are just about right. Not sure from which shop these macarons come, it would be good to know though. Compared to my wife’s favourite Pierre Herme, they come very close in overall rating. They go perfectly with the HK milk tea, after a light brunch before boarding.

So tempted to have a couple more. Cheers!