Places I would love to go again


Banff and Lake Louise, Canada

I’ve been there twice – once when I was a teenager, during summer time, with my best friend.  The second trip was made a couple of years ago, around spring time.  Both were amazing, giving… More


Bangkok, Thailand

I particularly like to visit Bangkok during winters, to enjoy sunshine and the environment that allows you to all-you-can-sweat.  I would love to go again: to have four-hand oil massage everyday, preferrably after early dinner.  I… More

Osaka, Japan

Osaka, the “stomach of japan”, is a place that I go very often.  I would love to go again: to meet my friends for drinks and laughs to go to Kobe for a nice beef… More


Every time I visit Paris, I get a different impression about her.  There is so much to see, to eat and to shop.  Winter time might be a bit too cold for me.  I prefer… More

Copenhagen, Denmark

I think I have a special connection with Copenhagen at heart.  Of course, I have one of my very best friends living there, settling down with his families just around the corner of the Botanical… More

Lyon, France

Crete, Greece



Izu, Japan