A serene afternoon in Coloane, Macau

Having transformed from a fishing village to a metropolis, Macao shares a similar history with Hong Kong. Now the city is famed for high-end casino resorts, so it is hard to imagine its humble past. If you’re interested in experiencing its history, Coloane is the perfect place. It is also a delight to spend a comfy afternoon there.

Coloane is part of a southern island of Macao. Because of reclamation, the once standalone Coloane island became connected to Taipa. It is easy to travel to this quiet fishing village of Macao. Several bus routes go there, such as lines 15, 21A, 26, 26A and N3.

The Coloane Village was a must-go. It was a residential area along the coast of Coloane. Near the dock, there was the colourful settlement of houses made of iron sheets. I was lucky to be there on a sunny day. It was a delight to see the colourful houses floating on the muddy beach against a bright sky. Sometimes people fished at the dock. What a relaxing afternoon.

The landmark of the area was the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier. The chapel was 90 years old, recognisable in the baroque architectural style and its yellow and white facade. It was built to commemorate the local people’s victorious fight against the pirates in saving a group of children held captive. The chapel used to house some Christian relics which were then transferred to other churches.

If you’ve seen enough of the urban hustle and bustle, this serene part of Macao would sure make your day.








New UM Campus in Hengqin, Zhuhai

Over the weekend I made a one-day trip to Macao to enjoy some peace of mind. This time I didn’t follow a typical tourist itinerary but seized the time to pay a visit to the new campus of the University of Macau. The new campus, now one river apart from the old site, was relocated from Taipa to Hengqin in 2013 and 2014. Though situated in Hengqin, Zhuhai, the new campus is under the jurisdiction of the Macao SAR. Visitors can go to the campus directly from Macao by bus MT3U, 71 and 37U without going through immigration procedures.

The new campus is about 20 times of the old one, accommodating around ten thousand students. The entire environment was spacious, tranquil and picturesque. There was a colossal green space, covered with lawns and decorated with trees, rivers and lakes.

It was relaxing and refreshing to simply hang around the campus, admiring the spectacular academic buildings and green garden. The architectural style was eclectic and characterised by eastern and western designs, blending elements of Southern Europe and the Cantonese culture.

The campus is self-sufficient. There is a variety of restaurants and cafeterias scattered around, offering Chinese, western and Portuguese cuisines, catering to different preferences. There is also a complex where you can find a supermarket, bookstore, post office, bank, clinic, pharmacy, etc. It is very convenient.

It was a pleasure to spend a laidback morning there. Though it was not my alma mater, strolling around the campus brought me back memories of old school days. How time went by.


剛過去的周末我特意到了澳門一日遊,享受片刻寧靜。早上我並沒有去看旅遊勝地,而是參觀了澳門大學(University of Macau)的新校園。校區於二零一三及一四年陸續從氹仔搬到橫琴,新校與舊址僅一河之隔。雖然新校舍位於珠海橫琴,但屬澳門管轄,所以遊客可直接從澳門乘搭巴士前往新校區,不用辦理過關手續,巴士MT3U、71和37U均可直達,相當方便。




Unusual Strong Typhoon in Macau

Climate change becomes a popular reason in my friend circles when it comes to unpredictable weather situation.

I was about to leave for the conference in Macau this morning, chairing a session related to smart city development.  Just before I had my feet out of the door I realised that today’s conference was called off due to the hoisting of typhoon signal numbered 8 (which I was told as unusual.). Fortunately, we grabbed the chance yesterday to meet with overseas visitors.  Otherwise, we could have wasted this wonderful opportunity to learn from them.

Anyhow, I managed to spend time with my local friends to catch up and relax a bit Mandarin Oriental Macau.  With still a question in mind though, why would it be No.8 when it was fairly calm and there was almost no rain!?