PolyU Entrepreneurship Parade 2018, a glance of the vibrant Hong Kong startup scene

Recently I joined the PolyU Entrepreneurship Parade 2018, where 40 startups supported by the funding programmes of PolyU showcased their projects and successful startup entrepreneurs shared their experience and insights of their startup journeys. The event provided a valuable platform for over 200 startup entrepreneurs and industry professionals to get connected with each other. In the event you could feel the vibrant startup scene in Hong Kong!

In the touring of exhibitions, there was a variety of innovative startup projects and initiatives, in fields as diverse as mobile app management, educational simulation games, martial arts, hearing aid, cultural preservation, green energy generation, etc. A majority of the initiatives utilised state-of-the-art innovation technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, AR (Augmented Reality) and so on. I was excited to see creativity and innovation being adopted in many new disciplines.

There are many local startup incubators such as Science Park and Cyberport. PolyU is one of the largest university-based startup incubators in Hong Kong. It is encouraging to know that since its launch in 2011, it has supported more than 230 startups and 680 entrepreneurs. Hopefully in the future more domain-specific like FinTech incubators can be set up to support more local startups to push forward a smart city.



巡禮展示了多個不同類型的創新項目,應用領域十分多元化,如手機程式管理、教學遊戲、武術、聽力支援、文化保育、綠色能源等等,大部分項目採用了創新科研技術,如人工智能(Artificial Intelligence)、機械人(Robotics)、擴增實境(Augmented Reality)等等。看到創新技術在越來越多新領域得到使用,真是振奮人心。


How to Improve AR App Performance on Mobile Devices

The AR technology has been adopted by different industries to enhance their operation efficiency and service quality. For example, a cinema can make use of the AR technology, so movie goers can enjoy movie trailers by simply taking pictures of the movie posters. Although the AR technology is invaluable to a lot of industries, it requires a lot of computation for sound and virtual image procession, which may not be supported by the limited processing ability of mobile devices such as tablets.

A team of researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology is developing CloudRidAR, a cloud-based platform for mobile augmented reality. The AR platform allows the computing tasks to be processed on a cloud instead of a mobile device, which saves mobile devices substantial battery consumption from data processing of AR apps. The platform also makes data processing more than 10 times faster.

For more information about the AR platform please see: here

如何加強擴增實境(Augmented Reality)程式在流動裝置上的運算能力

擴增實境(Augmentedl Reality,縮寫VR)在各行各業逐漸得到廣泛應用,不但能強化工作效率亦提升了服務質素。例如,有些戲院在電影預告上使用了AR技術,用戶只需用流動程式對準電影海報,就能在手機上觀看預告片。雖然AR技術豐富了用戶體驗,但AR程式需要進行大量運算來處理聲音和虛擬圖像,對一些流動裝置如平板電腦造成負荷,其有限的運算能力未必能支援AR技術所需。

由香港科技大學(Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)帶領的研究隊伍近來研究出名為 CloudRidAR的雲平台,專門支援AR技術在流動裝置上的運算,把處理和運算AR的工作從流動裝置搬到雲平台上進行,為流動裝置減省了處理AR的耗電量,同時把運算時間加快了十倍以上,為發展AR技術和推廣應用起了積極作用。

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