Cathay Pacific CX offering club points relief for Diamond, Gold, Silver and Green Members

While I was thinking if CX would extend the 12-month period for my Diamond membership renewal due to the virus outbreak, I received an email from them offering club points relief and extending elite club member benefits.

According to their letters, CX members shall get club points relief per month in February, March and April 2020, based on their current tier:

  • Diamond 140 club points (total 420 club points for 3 months)
  • Gold 65 club points (total 195 club points for 3 months)
  • Silver 30 club points (total 90 club points for 3 months)
  • Green 10 club points (total 30 club points for 3 months)

For me, it is good news as I will then have in my account about 1,000 points by the end of April, and be only 200 points away from membership renewal.  However, there are at present so many travel bans and flight cancellations around the world, I am not sure if I will be able to make those 200 points in time.

See how it goes.  Hope things go well for all of us!


How Asia is budgeting 2020 amid Covid-19 (Keep updating)


Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat unveiled an S$83.6 billion Budget and said  “The world is seeing deep structural shifts today, coupled with near-term concerns over economic uncertainties and the novel coronavirus outbreak… All nations, big or small, will have to devise strategies and mobilise their people to navigate these changes and turbulence.”

Hong Kong

Preventing and fighting against the epidemic, as well as deploying resources to alleviate the pressure on enterprises and the general public are our top priority.

  • $30 billion Anti-epidemic Fund – to relieve the burden on those industries and employees in the eye of the storm.
  • disburse $10,000 to Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above, with a view to encouraging and boosting local consumption on the one hand, and relieving people’s financial burden on the other.