3 Things I Always Do at the Airport

I always arrive at the airport early, and have never missed a flight because of my late arrival – until last week.

I was having an early afternoon flight. My original plan was to skip the office visit in the morning and go directly to the airport. However, as our team got selected for the next round in a competition, I found it important to meet my colleagues before heading on a business trip. Time was tight, and I said to myself the meeting would need to finish in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the meeting ran on for 50 minutes, and I ended up taking the next flight.  This is a very good lesson learned for me. I should not take it for granted. A gate can close, and it really closes.

How to have Peace of Mind before your Flight

From now on, I will plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance, ask my secretary to pull me out from any meetings when time comes and stay in the airport hotel for an early morning flight when necessary.

This makes me recall some of my favourite airport hotels such as:

Like today, I arrived at the airport 4 hours ahead, had a really good time at the airline lounge – working and eating. The Hong Kong style egg-tart was great! I even took a shower before making a move to the gate for boarding.

Yes, the three things I always do at the airport:

  • Arrive early – work and eat
  • Shop for souvenirs
  • Take a shower

What are yours?









  • 早早到達機場,工作和吃東西
  • 購買手信紀念品
  • 淋浴



Ping Pong at Night in Downtown San Francisco

It has been 18 years since I last visited San Francisco.  Its downtown looks more or less the same, but there are new big names residing their offices there like Linkedin, etc.  It was very nice meeting my buddy there, too.  I in fact purposely routed my flight, and went there to meet him.  Great fun, great time surely, catching up stories of our good old days.  Time flies!  We even played ping-pong at night in SF downtown.  Amazing!

ping pong san francisco

I had an early flight to Dallas in the morning.  I thus stayed at Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport as it provided early free shuttle to the airport.   If you are having a transit there, don’t forget the breakfast – the steak is nice!

I look forward to having my next trip to SF and taking the Big Bus to tour around this golden city soon.



此行我住在三藩市機場皇冠假日酒店 – 伯靈甘,因為第二天大清早我要搭早機到達拉斯(Dallas),而酒店提供免費的機場擺渡車,實在方便。酒店的早餐十分豐盛,還供應牛排,味道不錯。