One Night in Paris, France

Because of work, I dropped by Paris, the beloved city. I took a direct flight from Hong Kong and managed to fall asleep over the 13-hour flight. I landed at Charles De Gaulle Airport and from there, it took around an hour to arrive right at the city centre.

Paris has been talked and written about over and over again. There are numerous reasons why Paris has enchanted everyone; its beauty is beyond words. I was glad I made it at this time of the year when the city was at its most charming. While it was riveting in the day time, it was just as mesmerising at night. My favourite part of the stay was the night walk from the Opéra Garnier to the Louvre Pyramid.

Paris at night was full of life, especially in the area around the Opéra Garnier, one of the busiest parts of the city. The landmark of the place was the Opéra, one of the most renowned opera houses worldwide. When illuminated, it was of a different kind of spectacle at night than the day time. Just around the corner was the luxurious Galeries Lafayette, a fashion flagship store anyone fond of shopping shouldn’t miss. Around the giant landmarks were many pretty nice restaurants and shops in the classical architectural style. After dinner, I chose to walk a bit around and then down the avenue to the Louvre Pyramid. The Pyramid was grand and awe-inspiring when illuminated against the surrounding palaces. It was such an unforgettable night.

This time I stayed at Intercontinental Paris Le Grand.

Thanks for the bottle of Champagne!


因為工作的關係到了巴黎,乘搭從香港直飛巴黎的航班,大概十三小時就到了戴高樂機場(Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle),從機場再搭火車約一小時便到市中心,十分方便。

這次雖然時間匆忙,不能飽覽巴黎的美景,但這時節的巴黎特別美麗,到處風光如畫已是一大收穫。我特別喜歡它夜晚的街景,尤其是從巴黎歌劇院(Opéra Garnier)步行至羅浮宮金字塔(Louvre Pyramid)的一段路,和陽光普照的時候一樣迷人,難怪巴黎一直為人稱道,大概巴黎對每個人而言都有其不同之處。




Highlights from a Day Trip in Lyon, France (3/3)

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière stands like a giant on top of the Fourvière hill overlooking the entire Lyon. It is a must-go during a visit to Lyon not only because of its spectacular appearance, rich history, but also of the must-see panorama viewed from the highest point of the city. It was the highlight of my trip to Lyon.

Giant on a hill — Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon


The basilica was built in the late 19th century dedicated to the Virgin Mary, whom people believed saved the city from the Black Death, Prussian invasion and many other incidents. The basilica featured four main towers and a bell tower, designed with Romanesque and Byzantine architectural styles with very rich details. When I first saw the basilica, I was stunned. While the outside was impressive, the interior was just as breathtaking: the ceilings, walls and the floor were decorated with mosaics, gold and delicate carvings. Not to mention the marble columns, frescoes and statues, all meticulously done to make a pure masterpiece.

Among many stunning cathedrals and basilicas in Europe, this giant basilica on top of the Fourvière is one sure to be remembered for a long time.



富維耶聖母聖殿 — 佇立在山頂的巨人



Highlights from a Day Trip in Lyon, France (2/3)

I seized the opportunity to pay a visit to TUBA, a co-working space devoted to developing and experimenting innovation projects for smart city. TUBA engages large enterprises, startups and the public to work together to innovate urban solutions especially by harnessing public, private and personal data.

TUBA is truly a role model as an innovation hub, project incubator and open data studio. The work culture and atmosphere are really comfortable and conducive to synergies. In TUBA, data is valued and plays a critical role in connecting project initiators, developers and users. Project initiators can work with experts, data scientists, fellow developers, etc in the hub in innovating using data, and test out new projects with the public. That also means the public can be actively engaged in co-building solutions to drive the smart city development as well.

Building a smart city needs the concerted effort by every city user. TUBA is a good inspiration on how.





Highlights from a Day Trip in Lyon, France (1/3)

Many rivers flow through Europe, some of which have become synonymous with the cities they belong, like River Thames in London, Seine in Paris and Danube in Budapest, Vienna and across many other borders. Lyon is a city where 2 rivers, the Saône and Rhône, converge, making one of the city’s unique features.

Lyon is the third largest city in France after Paris and Marseille. My stay there was enjoyable and relaxing. Thanks to the  beautiful weather, I got to enjoy a laidback afternoon just hanging around the city centre and the old town.

The city centre is located between the Saône and Rhône on a peninsula. There are many monuments and heritage. Its city hall (the upper left construction) is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and has been classified as a French historic monument since the 18th century. The Église Saint-Bonaventure (the bottom right church) is another distinctive medieval church well preserved.

Having seen the heart of Lyon, roaming along the Saône would lead to the Vieux Lyon (the old town), a famed Renaissance neighbourhood. The lanes and constructions were of a classic gothic style. There were many pleasant shops and restaurants worth checking out. From the old town we could walk up a long staircase to the Fourvière hill to see the landmark of Lyon, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. If you don’t want to climb the hill, you can take the metro. But the fantastic view along the climb was really worth it! As for the beauty of the basilica, that’s another story.



里昂是法國繼巴黎和馬賽後第三大城市,我的里昂之旅亦十分愉悅。因為陽光明媚,只在里昂的市中心和里昂老城(Vieux Lyon)閒逛已足夠賞心悅目。里昂的市中心位於索恩河和隆河匯流的半島上,此處有許多歷史建築和遺蹟,里昂市政廳(左上圖建築)便是里昂其中一座最古老的建築,於十八世紀起已被評為法國歷史古蹟。除了宏偉的市政廳外,此處的聖文德堂(Église Saint-Bonaventure)(右下圖教堂)是難得保存良好的中世紀教堂,值得一看。

逛完里昂的市中心,沿着索恩河岸走便會到達里昂老城,里昂最歷史悠久的地區,亦是歐洲知名文藝復興街區。街道和建築瀰漫着典型的哥德式風格,並有許多商店和餐廳值得一逛。從里昂老城有一條長石階可爬上富維耶山(Fourvière hill),知名的里昂地標富維耶聖母聖殿(Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière)就位於山上。如果不想爬山,也可乘搭地鐵,不過上山沿路景緻極佳,搭地鐵可能就要錯過了。幾經辛苦到了山頂,聖殿美得震撼人心,但關於它的美又是另一個故事了。