Hands-free Massage while Sleeping in Downtown Tokyo

Hotels located near Tokyo Station generally charge a higher price.  If I have to stay near this area to catch an early train in the morning or have meetings in the proximity, I prefer to stay in Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, for its location just opposite to Tokyo Station and its value for money services.

What’s more, this hotel offers the option to select rooms and beds with massage functions (“the forus experience”).  I like this option so much particularly after a long day of work or walk, I could enjoy massage before entering deep sleep.  Another merit is their restaurant on the top floor, where I had the best steamed onions ever.

There’re apparently a lot of shops nearby as well.  Look forward to my next visit!



讓人喜出望外的是酒店提供按摩牀(Forus Experience)供選擇,經過一天的操勞,能按摩一下好好放鬆幫助入睡。酒店的餐廳很值得推薦,就在頂層,那裏的蒸洋葱是我吃過最好吃的蒸洋葱!