New addition to our Mo Mo family

Time flies – it has been 15 years since the first Swarovski’s beloved Mo character series came out. Of course as a fan and collector, my wife would not miss it.

“Showcasing 163 crystal facets, this enchanting figurine is covered with more than 750 tiny crystals, featuring the Aurora Borealis effect for a vivid and sparkling look. The crown and bell with a silver-tone finish complete this unique Mo design. This Swarovski figurine is engraved with the year of issue on the bottom and complements any Mo collection. “

My desktop – day 4

The temperature came down to below 20 degree Celsius this morning with an overcast sky. Nothing too exciting seeing through the window.

It is always good to start a day with something interesting to keep up with the energy level and momentum. I thus decided to look at my favorite market, Japan, to begin with as part of the exercise to review our business portfolio as mentioned in my earlier post.

I selected to look at solar and renewable energy sectors, and studied a bit their market outlook in 2020 in Japan. Wind power looks good – it is “sunshine”. Solar battery appears to be not too good – it is an “overcast”. So is geothermal energy, also an “overcast”.

How can I capitalize on what we have and pivot to the wind power sector? Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.